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Innovation has a great home at Princeton.

Earlier last month, Managing Partner, Phil Crowley, attended events at Princeton that showcased some of the great work being accomplished by its innovators, all with commercial potential.  Here’s an overview of some of the presentations.


This company is focused on combining quantum computing with classical computing.  Notwithstanding the promise and excitement surrounding quantum computing, there are still some processing methods for which classical computing models are more efficient.  Is there an efficient way to combine both?

This company has found a way to solve this knotty problem by combining the best of quantum computing with the best of classical computing. We’re sure that there’s more innovation, speed and power to come in this area.

Biological Discovery Platform

This researcher has developed a method to physically “see”, through electron microscopy, the process of viral infection.  It’s how virus attack cells and recruit them to become “factories” for the creation of even more of the infecting virus.  The method can also visualize the action of vaccines in creating protections against such infections.

Enhanced Wound Care

Plasma physics is not just for the Starship Enterprise!  Researcher from the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab have created a prototype device that can use a low temperature plasma (i.e., a gas of charged ions) to sterilize wounds without further damaging the skin or the wound.  Bacteria and viruses that may attach a wound are much less robust in the air than are the cells of our bodies.  So, the plasma can pre-emptively destroy infecting agents while leaving delicate skin unharmed.

The technology could well be used for much broader applications, e.g., sterilizing medical devices, disinfecting room-sized enclosures.  We’ll see what happens as innovation continues.

Teaching Through Game Technology

A researcher has come up with materials that help IT (and other) professionals learn ethics by participating in situations based on real life.  The participants get to make decisions and see the consequences – both good and bad.  It’s a powerful way to help learners experience the stress and uncertainty of decision-making in an uncertain environment.

Each of the foregoing innovations is a technology that is worthy of development.  We congratulate the innovators mentioned above and the others who presented at this event.  To learn more about innovation at Princeton, visit

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