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Entrepreneurs: Topics to address re employment contracts

Starting a new business can be an exciting endeavor, but it can also be complex. Entrepreneurs in New York and across the nation may need to cover a variety of crucial aspects upon forming a new business entity, especially if they intend on hiring employees. An employment contract can be essential in protecting the owner's business interests and intellectual property, but knowing the aspects to cover in these agreements can be challenging.

When forming a contract for potential prospects, owners may wish to be thorough when providing information concerning a variety of topics. These topics can include anything from potential health benefits provided by the company to terms and conditions concerning vacation and medical leaves. An employment contract can also dictate how any employee disputes will be resolved, and the circumstances under which the contract for employment can be terminated.

Entrepreneurs: A written partnership contract could prove vital

Entering into business with another entity can be an exciting endeavor. However, while such an arrangement could help a company achieve greater success, there may also be a certain level of risk involved. Entrepreneurs in New York who are considering entering a business partnership may find it advisable to place the terms of the arrangement into writing, as a written contract could prove beneficial in a variety of ways.

Upon being signed by all parties involved, a written agreement may become a legally binding document that dictates the terms of the business partnership. This document can help set clear guidelines concerning each party's responsibilities and ownership rights. A written agreement can also dictate how any possible changes will be handled, and the scenarios in which the partnership may be dissolved or terminated.

Implications of SCOTUS inter partes review ruling on biologics

One recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court might have escaped the notice of many in the country. We doubt that entrepreneurs in New Jersey and elsewhere missed the news, however, considering the potential scope of the ruling across all areas of industry, including life sciences.

The case was Oil States Energy Services, LC, v Greene's Energy Group, LLC. The issue was whether inter partes review (IPR), an administrative process instituted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to deal with challenges to patents, violates the Constitutional guarantees due process in the courts against a taking by the government.

Choosing a business entity

If you are launching a business, it's important to protect your personal assets from the results of the business. You can do this by creating a properly constituted business entity.

You should never start a business or sign contracts in your own name.  Otherwise, you would be putting your personal assets at risk if the business doesn't work out as you expected. Here is an example of what could happen if you start a business under your own name.

4 Reasons Why It's So Important To Protect Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual property often gets short shrift from business owners. This is understandable since oftentimes, it is hard to sort out what constitutes your business's intellectual property... and then how do you begin to protect it? The key to remember is that intellectual property is by far one of the most (if not the most) important assets a business can have.

The Social Network In The Courts: 4 Legal Issues That Frequently Come Up With Social Media

Social media has touched and changed nearly every aspect of our world and lives.

We are now more connected than ever, which has allowed for enhanced collaboration and awareness around the world. The social network has had a significant impact on the legal world as well, but not in the ways that you might think.

Johnson & Johnson Is On The Move

I had the opportunity for a pre-opening visit to the Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLabs NYC ("JLabs-NYC") facility at the New York Genome Center. JLabs is an innovative outreach program by Johnson & Johnson to assist growing life sciences companies develop their technologies in a supportive environment.

Jlabs Opening In Nyc

JLABS, Johnson & Johnson's innovation center venture, is opening a branch in SoHo. I met Dr. Kate Merton, Director of [email protected] at a recent kick-off event. She is a highly skilled scientist and entrepreneur who is passionate about supporting innovative life sciences company. As a former Johnson & Johnson lawyer, I'm very pleased to see Johnson & Johnson taking this approach.


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