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Today’s cancer care is incomplete.

Cancer affects not only the body of the patient but also his or her emotional well-being.  And it has tremendous impact on the emotional health and financial well-being of the patient’s family as well.  It’s those other effects that are ignored in current treatment regimens that focus only on the body of the patient.

Fortunately, there are wonderful non-profit organizations that address those needs.  I had the good fortune to have a conversation with Cheryl Colleluori, President of the HEADstrong Foundation, headquartered just south of Philadelphia, PA.  With a staff of 14 people, HEADstrong has a national footprint and impact.  It is axiomatic in medicine that patients with a positive attitude fare far better than those with a negative attitude.

HEADstrong focuses on that to provide positive emotional input to patients.  But they don’t stop there.  They also provide financial help and housing for patients and their families traveling to treatment centers far from their homes.  For instance, Philadelphia is home to a number of world-class cancer treatment centers.  Many advanced treatments may require extended stays in the City of Brotherly Love.

What can families with limited means do? HEADstrong has established a residential facility in Philadelphia to provide space for patients and their families who need to remain near their treatment centers for some of the more intense therapies.

And they’re looking into establishing similar facilities in Boston and New York.  It’s a big job and has many obstacles to overcome.  Why would anyone take this on?

Personal experience is the key. Cheryl’s commitment is deep and personal. She lost her son Nick, a promising Division One lacrosse player, to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Nick was an exceptional young man, focused on giving to and encouraging others with cancer despite his own challenges. Sadly, he eventually succumbed to the disease.  But his commitment to others lives on in HEADstrong.

The growth and success of HEADstrong is a testament to the enduring commitment of Cheryl and her staff to making life easier for cancer patients and their families. The primary challenge for them is gaining enough resources to satisfy the applications for help.

Please click here to learn a bit more about the HEADstrong Foundation and consider a gift to support its valuable work with patients and their families.

As Bio NJ says, “Patient can’t wait”.  And neither can their families.

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