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Check Your Website: Changes Coming For Web Security

Google is taking a major step to encourage upgrades to online security.

Beginning in late October 2017, Google will “flag” as unsecure websites that use the “http” (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) communications protocol. They may also downgrade a site’s prominence in search results. This could result in making your website harder to find or less visible to clients and potential clients.

Google wants to encourage website owners to move to the “https” (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) communications protocol. This latter protocol provides encryption of the message stream to the website and is much safer for the transmission of sensitive data (e.g. passwords, credit card information, personally identifiable data). It’s important that website owners ask their webmasters whether they will be making the change – and, if not, why not. Sites that do not change may be disadvantaged in marketing to potential new clients.

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