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Building an Engaged and Cooperative Team

You have a great idea for a new business, and you’ve passed the concept stage. Now it’s time to start building your team. Putting together the right team for your startup is one of the most important parts of creating any successful business. After all, you’ll be working with your team every day and the success of your product will depend largely on their hard work, attitude and ability to work together.

Listed below are some tips on how you can build the best team for your business.

Build the Best Team for Your Business or Startup

  1. Get to know them. Although reviewing resumes is a vital part of the interview process, try to get to know each individual before hiring. Of course, each individual’s skill set and experience are important, but so are his or her personality and vision for the future.
  2. Select people with complementary skills. There are many different aspects to running a successful business, and no one person should be expected to have optimal skills in every area. Hiring a team with diverse skill sets can bring balance to your business, and it can also be helpful when you have to generate new ideas to solve problems.
  3. Define the culture. Your startup’s culture is a combination of your mission, values and vision. Making sure the culture is understood by potential employees and only hiring people who are a good fit is important to your success.
  4. Be transparent in communications. The best teams know how to communicate and collaborate. Set an example for your team by being honest and transparent in your communications.
  5. Focus on roles and responsibilities. As stated previously, each person you hire should bring a different skill set to the business. It’s your job to select team members with the right skill sets and make sure everyone’s roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.
  6. Provide tools for success. After you’ve hired your team, it’s important that you on-board them correctly and provide any necessary training that they may need. Do your best to acclimate new hires to the business.
  7. Lead your team. Words can go a long way, but actions go much further. If you expect your employees to work hard and go the extra mile, then it starts with you. Lead your team through diligence and by setting a good example. Also, don’t forget the human touch.  A sincere “Thank you” for a job well done goes a long way toward creating a cohesive environment.

The process of hiring and building a great team is not easy. For this reason, it’s recommended that you consult with a skilled team builder and experienced business attorney when doing so.



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