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I am so proud of the Men’s Volleyball Team at my alma mater, Stevens Institute of Technology ( ).  They’ve just won the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III (“D3”) championship.  Why is that significant?

D3 schools are those universities and colleges that do not offer athletic scholarships.  Their athletes play for the love of the sport – even though they have to “pay to play” (tuition, room & board, that is).  And they still have to qualify academically to get into the institution in the first place – and to continue to qualify to stay there.

Both men and women undergraduates need to have outstanding records in order to be admitted.  And the courses they take are very rigorous.  Yet, our student athletes find the time and discipline to excel on the playing fields and in the classrooms.

And women’s sports programs at Stevens are very successful as well.

I’m a proud alumnus and long-time Trustee of Stevens.  It gave me my start in my career – the training and confidence I needed to succeed. That grounding at Stevens took me to the graduate program in experimental physics at Harvard, to Columbia Law School and to a career in law helping innovative entrepreneurs create products and services that improve the lives of thousands or even millions of people.

I’m not unique in that regard.

I look at the achievements of our graduates with awe.  Ninety-six percent (96%) of seniors who graduated in 2022 had career-affirming jobs (i.e., “non-barista” jobs), entrance to graduate school or placement in the military within six months of graduation.  These results are comparable to those achieved in the past decade and beyond and even Forbes Magazine has recognized the superior ROI of a Stevens education ( .

Stevens graduates are the people that have used and will continue to  use their skills to improve the state of our society.  They model the motto of Stevens Per Aspera Ad Astra – Through Adversity to the Stars!  It is an inspiring message that has motivated decades of Stevens graduates.

If you know of young men and women who have a penchant for mathematics and science, please encourage them to consider Stevens Institute of Technology in their college plans.  If you have your own project that involves commercializing technology, give us a call (908-663-8253) mentioning this blog post to discuss whether our unique set of experiences and skills can help you on your journey to commercialization and success.



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