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Taking steps to protect intellectual property early on

Posted by Philip P. Crowley | Jun 12, 2019 | 0 Comments

Upon staring a new business, owners in New York and elsewhere may have a multitude of issues to address every day. Concerns such as developing a marketing strategy and coming up with ways to attract potential customers can be demanding endeavors. While adding on additional priorities may seem like a daunting concept, business owners may also find that seeking out ways to protect their intellectual property could prove essential to safeguarding the longevity of their companies.

Experts indicate that seeking out ways to protect sensitive company information is vital and should be something that entrepreneurs begin planning for while in the early stages of forming a company. According to experts, the first step of the process involves determining what constitutes intellectual property. A company's trade secrets can come in various forms, ranging anywhere from product blueprints, operational procedures and even company logos.

Once all intellectual property is identified, business owners could benefit from seeking advice on all the available options to protect this sensitive information. This could include taking steps to file for patents or trademarks. Once the necessary protections are in place, entrepreneurs may find it advisable to keep constant watch over their interests, as this could prove vital to preventing or identifying any potential risks or infringements.

While protecting a company's intellectual property can be vital, it can also be a complex process. Entrepreneurs who wish to better understand how best to safeguard their interests could benefit from retaining the services of an experienced attorney early in the process. An attorney can assist a client in New York in covering every crucial aspect of protecting sensitive company information and provide guidance on how best to address any issues that arise in the future.

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