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A new public-private venture capital vehicle is set to power emerging businesses in New Jersey and it’s just made its first move.

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (“NJEDA”) marked a significant milestone with its debut investment through the New Jersey Innovation Evergreen Fund (“NJIEF”). Thanks to the approval of an application from its partner venture capital firm, Emerging Fund Management (“Emerging”), Newark-based 1Huddle, Inc. (“1Huddle”), received an initial investment of up to $500,000.


The NJIEF stands out for its self-sustaining model and commitment to public-private partnership. Under the initiative, the State of New Jersey acts as an equity investor in startups and provides mentoring, networking and educational opportunities.

Funds are generated through yearly auctions of state corporate tax credits. There’s an initial $60 million annual cap for the first five years, with a projected total cap of $600 million. Corporations that purchase these credits are required to pledge support for the state’s innovation economy through mentorship, internships, pipeline access and participation on the NJIEF Advisory Board for at least one year.

On the investment-side, eligible high-growth businesses in target industries must partner with Qualified Venture Firms (“QVFs”) as part of the application process. These QVFs act as co-investors alongside the state, fostering a collaborative approach. This ensures that the private and public sectors join forces to bolster the growth of startups in the state

About 1Huddle and Emerging

1Huddle is a Newark-based future-of-work platform revolutionizing employee onboarding and upskilling through quick-burst mobile games. In previous fundraising rounds, 1 Huddle has received a matching grant from the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology’s Small Business Innovation Research Matching Grant Program and investment by another venture capital firm, Newark Venture Partners. Prior investment is often used by investors, whether public of private, as an indicator of promise and potential for a startup, including its underlying technology, business model and team.

Emerging, one of the ten QVFs thus far certified by NJIEF, is a growth equity fund dedicated to the intersection of technology and the restaurant space (“ResTech”) and restaurant and entertainment concepts. In the funding announcement, it emphasized the potential for 1Huddle’s technology to enhance restaurant workforce training and empower hospitality workers.

The Future of NJIEF and How We Can Help

NJIEF’s inaugural investment signals a promising future for the program and the state’s innovation economy. It affirms NJEDA’s role in creating a sustainable cycle of investment, leveraging the strengths of established New Jersey companies to foster the next wave of groundbreaking innovations and industry leaders. This dynamic approach holds great promise for emerging businesses in New Jersey.

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For additional details about NJIEF and the application process for both businesses and venture capital firms, visit their official website



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