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Great news for prevention of respiratory syncytial virus (“RSV”) infections! Here’s a quick summary of the article:

  • RSV is a significant global health challenge, causing thousands of hospitalizations and deaths annually in the US, and many more worldwide, particularly among infants and older adults.
  • Calder Biosciences has developed a groundbreaking technology, 3D-VAXLOCK™, which boosts immune activity significantly more than current standards and offers improved vaccine shelf-life.
  • Crowley Law is proud to support Calder Biosciences as legal counsel, demonstrating the potential for legal expertise to facilitate advancements in life sciences.

RSV is a common respiratory virus that, in most children through adults, causes mild, cold-like symptoms. However, that’s not the case for infants and adults aged 65 and older.

The disease causes approximately 58,000 hospitalizations in the United States among children under five years old. RSV infection is estimated to cause about 14,000 deaths annually in the United States in adults over age 65 years of age. Globally, RSV affects an estimated 64 million people and causes approximately 160,000 deaths each year.

So, it’s serious.

In the case of infants, their immune systems have not developed to the point where they can competently fight off the infection. This can result in life-long damage to their lungs. In older adults, their immune systems become less active and consequently less able to fight off infections. This can be particularly problematic for older adults with other chronic medical conditions.

So, RSV infections in this population can have very serious consequences and require hospitalization.

Our client, Calder Biosciences, has developed a technology that can make great strides in taming this malady. Calder’s innovation, 3D-VAXLOCK™ technology, has resulted in immune activity that is more than ten times greater than the industry standard comparator. The technology also improves shelf-life of the vaccine at refrigerated temperatures and will facilitate distribution and delivery of the vaccine.

The development is described in detail in Calder’s recent paper in in Nature Communications.

Crowley Law is delighted to be legal counsel to such an innovative company. If you have an innovation in the life sciences or other technology areas and need help in moving it forward, contact us at (908) 540-6901 or [email protected] to schedule a complimentary call with a member of our team. We’re here to help.




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