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Join me in the Executive Spotlight on the Passage to Profit radio show on July 14 at 8:05 PM on WOR 710 AM!

Tune in on the iHeart Radio App (available for iOS and Android), online on the WOR710 website or the “old fashioned way” on the radio.

Please join me as I approach subjects such as:

  • How to choose the right business lawyer
  • Top 10 Causes of Failure for Technology Startups – and how to AVOID them!
  • Importance of having the RIGHT written agreements (the ones you downloaded from the Internet to save $1,000 may cost you $10,000, $100,000 or more!)
  • Indemnity Agreements – what do they mean? what’s typical? what are terms to avoid?
  • Limited liability entities – why are they important? How must you use them to enjoy their benefits?
  • Attracting investors – what techniques help technology entrepreneurs? What approaches hurt their chances?

Listen to guest speakers Gene Marks, Andrea Hammer and Rob Stolker.

Gene Marks, a CPA and former Senior Manager at KPMG, runs a highly successful ten person consulting firm near Philadelphia and speaks regularly to business groups nationwide on issues and trends affecting them.

Andrea Hammer is founder of Hammer Health & Fitness, Inc. Andrea is ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and ISSA Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Rob Stolker is a co-founder of Hummingbird Sports, a company catering to girls and promoting an active lifestyle and safe participation in sports.

The broadcast will be available as a podcast after the event, details will follow.

@passagetoprofit, @iheartradio, @710wor



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