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Help for Startup Founders

Posted by Philip P. Crowley | Jan 29, 2024 | 0 Comments

Stage2Startups has a wonderful focus.

It seeks to help “mature” entrepreneurs who have had a lot of “life experience” start new businesses.

I had an opportunity to present to many mature startup entrepreneurs on a Stage2Startups webinar on issues that are important to the success of startup ventures. One of the key issues we covered was limiting the likelihood of conflict among founders of a startup venture.

It's amazing to me to see how the human dynamics of startup management can dramatically increase the prospects for success – or doom if they are not dealt with appropriately! Please contact Emelie Smith Calbick to access our extensive webinar.

Also, see the offer below to learn about a great offer for some valuable learnings for startups!

Now through January 31, buy The Legal Side to Starting a Business for Beginners e-book at a special introductory price of only 99¢!

 If You Could Hire a $700 Per Hour Business Attorney Who Specializes In Startups and Business Formation in the US, What Would You Ask Them?

Written by Emelie Smith Calbick, co-founder of Stage2Startups, in partnership with Phil Crowley, Esq., an attorney with decades of experience helping entrepreneurs, this easy-to-follow guide helps you apply critical legal principles to your business BEFORE your first sale, such as:

· Do I really need to form a company? Why?

· What is the best structure for me? Sole Proprietor, LLC or Corporation?

· Why do I need an operating agreement with my partners and cofounders?

· Why should I worry about intellectual property when hiring contractors or employees?

· What are the tax implications of my stock vesting plan?

· Plus, much more!

Get real actionable advice with no BS, no jargon, or business school acronyms. 

Purchase your e-book today for only 99¢!

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