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Entrepreneurs: Preventing potentially costly errors with guidance

Starting a new company can be an exciting endeavor.

It can also be a demanding task that may carry a certain level of risk. Since any mistakes they make along the way could have a devastating impact on the future of their companies, entrepreneurs in New York may wish to take steps to prevent them from occurring. However, without the necessary legal experience under their belts, many may be uncertain of the areas in which mistakes could be made.

One of the most common mistakes a business owner could make pertains to selecting the incorrect entity for his or her business. When starting a business, owners have several options to choose from and each of these options may come with its own set of potential advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the wrong entity could open an owner up to various risks, such as liability or adverse tax consequences.

Another mistake that could prove disastrous for owners is failing to properly document any business agreements. Those who hire on others to work at their companies may also find it vital to gain a better understanding of employment laws, as failing to do so could prove detrimental. Another potentially costly error includes failing to take steps to protect intellectual property, and mistakes in this area could have very negative consequences.

With a multitude of factors to address when starting a new business, entrepreneurs may find it challenging to cover every necessary component of the process. Those who wish to prevent costly – and unnecessary – legal errors can benefit from consulting with an attorney for guidance in navigating the process. This type of advice could help an entrepreneur in New York avoid unnecessary mistakes that could pose a threat to the success of his or her company.



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