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When you hire me to handle your business formation, contract negotiation and liability protection needs, you get a committed team member who understands your industry, will fight to protect your unique assets and be your advocate in the event that disputes arise.

Below is a small sample of what some of my clients have had to say about my services. To discuss what I can do for you, schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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I found Phil Crowley to be a very knowledgeable lawyer who focused on my specific needs and helped me with a contract review. His efforts led to a more favorable contract for my company.

CS, Managing Director of social media marketing company

Phil has been a great partner in my consulting business. He is responsive and practical and he focuses on the key areas that need attention in the contracts. I recommend him highly.

JG in NJ, clinical and FDA regulatory affairs expert

Phil responded to me quickly, identifying a variety of risk scenarios to consider and he turned over his recommended red-lined contract in a matter of hours. Ever since then, I rely on him as a consummate legal resource and trusted advisor.

Leigh Ann Soltysiak, President, strategic marketing company focused on the life sciences

Phil helped me assess and modify a complex Master Services Agreement from a client. I found Phil to be very thorough and pragmatic, and the MSA was agreed quickly.

Lori Lonczak, President, marketing and strategic planning firm focused on the life sciences and consumer products

Phil has been a trusted advisor to our company as we have expanded into the US market. Phil's extensive legal and business experience has proven invaluable to the company. A great sounding board for practical, strategic advice Phil is always one of the first people we turn to.

Alex Kelly,President and Co-Founder of Ireland-based software-as-a-service company

Phil brings decades of big company executive experience combined with an entrepreneurial ability to "think outside the box." He's an asset to any start-up because he can sort out the pros and cons of one strategy vs. another strategy very quickly - but always with a measured response. I love working with him.

Tom Scholl, Entrepreneur, Technology Innovator and Investor (professional Venture Capitalist for 14 years)

We are one of the leading accelerators of tech companies in NYC. Phil has helped a number of our startup companies with a combination of legal skills, familiarity with technology and use of his experience as a strategic thinker on business issues. We're happy to have him help us bring our young companies to the next level of success.

Murat Aktihanoglu,Principal, NYC technology accelerator

Phil Crowley has been extremely helpful in providing quick and thoughtful counsel regarding our business needs. Highly recommend his services.

Tor Alden, President, high technology design engineering firm