Strategic Planning Assistance

Planning For An Optimal Business Future

Strategic planning lets you allocate your business resources to grow stronger. When you engage my office for strategic planning assistance, you benefit from highly experienced and creative input.

I'm Phil Crowley, an attorney who provides strategic planning services to life sciences and other technology companies. With offices in Morristown, New Jersey and Manhattan, we serve entrepreneurs and innovators employed in medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, information technology and related fields in New Jersey, New York and nationwide.

I have served on several management boards of Johnson & Johnson affiliates and, as vice president and strategic advisor to a growing software-as-a-service company, I have been a full partner in business strategic planning discussions. I can draw on these experiences to benefit you. My philosophy is to work with clients to achieve profitable business approaches that are both ethical and legal. That's what works on a sustainable basis.

As your lawyer, I can assist you with the following:

My approach is to help devise and then facilitate a process by which you build and articulate a vision of your company's future. A well-designed vision speaks to the position you would like to occupy in your market, defines your competitive advantage and drives both the development of your goals and the allocation of resources to achieve them.

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