Analysis And Planning Strategies For Protection Against Liabilities

Getting You The Right Protection

Running a business can be highly rewarding both financially and personally, but all enterprises come with their own share of risk. A judgment against your company can have serious consequences that include the eventual closure of the business. Without a properly formed business entity, your personal assets could also be at risk.

I'm Phil Crowley, an attorney focused on helping growing life sciences and other technology sector firms avoid expensive legal mistakes as they make ideas happen. I work with innovators and businesses to identify and analyze industry-specific risks and to devise and help you implement risk mitigation and asset protection strategies. These strategies are translated into appropriate contract language and insurance coverage, so that you can optimize your protection from frivolous lawsuits and other business threats.

With offices in Morristown, New Jersey and Manhattan, we serve entrepreneurs and innovators in medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, information technology and related fields in New Jersey, New York and nationwide.

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