Legal Services For Life Sciences And Other Technology Companies

I have a profound respect for the power of science and technology to do good. As your lawyer, I will work with you to provide guidance and support in key areas of the life sciences and technology businesses, from entity formation to licensing, financing, employment issues, R&D and more. I also can support your fundraising and product launch activities as well as programs to comply with applicable laws and professional and industry codes of conduct.

Learn more about the legal services I provide:

  • Corporate formation: Choosing a business entity is a major decision that will dictate how your company operates after the doors open.
  • Contracts: The smooth operation of every company hinges on properly drafted contracts.
  • Strategic planning: Strategic planning lets you allocate your business resources to grow stronger.
  • Protection against liabilities: All enterprises come with their own share of risk. Our job is to minimize that risk.
  • Intellectual property: Recognizing and protecting intellectual property is an increasingly important part of the global marketplace.
  • Founders and key employees: To prevent disputes from arising later, employment arrangements must clearly spell out ownership of and rights to intellectual property.
  • Legal counsel services: I can meet with you regularly to review your business operations, identify legal and business risks, and suggest strategies for their avoidance or mitigation.
  • Licensing and collaborations: I'll help your business grow through fundraising, licensing and other collaborations with large companies.

We serve entrepreneurs and innovators employed in medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and other life sciences and information technology fields such as software development or software as a service (SaaS) in New Jersey, New York and nationwide.

For A Complimentary Consultation

I offer a free, 30-minute initial consultation to discuss your legal needs. Please complete our contact form or call my office at 908-336-0795 and let's connect!